• Moving into the Future with Technology Realizing the maximum prosperity using the minimum resources Introducing Yanmar technology solutions and technical reports on R&D.


    Moving into the Future with Technology "Realizing the maximum prosperity using the minimum resources" Introducing Yanmar technology solutions and technical reports on R&D.

  • The History of YANMAR

    The History of YANMAR

    The story of Yanmar's founder Magokichi Yamaoka, the man who developed the world's first small diesel engine.



    YANMAR SOCCER STORY Learn about what drives Yanmar's football spirit.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Environment

    Corporate Social Responsibility Environment

    Enriching people's lives for all our tomorrows

  • Y media

    Y media

    Y media is a media collection of stories from all over YANMAR that capture the spirit of YANMAR's Brand Statement: "A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE".




    Engineering a Better Society

    Our brand statement, “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE,” encapsulates our goal of realizing a sustainable society where people coexist with nature.
    Since our founding in 1912, we have spent over a century helping to resolve issues around the globe and bring about a brighter tomorrow.

    Maximum Prosperity with Minimum Resources

    The determination to create new value drives our activities in fields all over the world.
    At the core of those activities is technology. “Realizing The Maximum Prosperity Using The Minimum Resources”: based on this conception of what technology should be, we offer solutions and services globally in response to diversifying customer challenges and needs.

    What We Can Do
    Over the Next 100 Years

    In addition to pursuing a range of business activities, Yanmar is engaged in next-generation development activities and the fostering of cultural growth beyond the basic framework of our businesses both in Japan and abroad.
    We seek to develop a healthy and robust society through a variety of experiences and exchange programs.

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    Yanmar's all new brand flagship, the Yanmar X47 Express Cruiser is poised to lead the company as it embarks upon its second century of business. The 47-foot vessel offers an unprecedented combination of luxury and performance and will serve as the Official VIP Cruiser of the 36th America's Cup presented by Prada, the oldest trophy in international sport and the pinnacle of yachting.

    Yanmar's X39 EXPRESS CRUISER

    Yanmar has gained an enviable reputation for providing the world's marine and racing community with technologically sophisticated marine engines, drive systems, products and service of unparalleled performance and quality, and is now proud to present an exquisite power boat, the concept model X39.